How can an animation group to apply async or promise after loading?

when animationgroups are loaded into the scene, for instance, anim1(idle),anim2(run),anim3(pose),anim4(kick)… there are animationGroups[0], [1], [2], [3]… Now I like my character to pose first , then kick. The point here is I wanna to promise that he poses for a little while, then he kicks. so is is possible to have Async /promise functions can be used?
I have checked some babylon documents,basically there are two cases for promise/asyn: 1.while loading animationgroups,but just for loading you can use async for animationgroups; 2. while using an animation/animatables. but animation/animatables seems has no clear logic to my animationGroups.
it seems there is no direct method to impement Asyn/promise on animationGroups,
any idea ? it will be really appreciated.

after async-loading the model with animaton groups to my scene, in order to use asyn of animatables, I tried to see if it is possible to extract animatables from my animationGroup[0] (for “pose”), the console shows there are terriblely 156 pieces of animatables! so it seems not possible to convert animationgroup into animatables.

I am not sure to totally get what you are trying to achieve :frowning: Could you share a simple example in the playground ?

Why not relying on the observables to detect end of animations and so on and wrap it in a promise ?

Wow,your idea exactly hit the point! I 'll try it . really helpful!
but I don’t know how to make my own playground yet. anyway I 'll try it.

Introduction to the Playground - Babylon.js Documentation :slight_smile: this can help in case you feel stuck.

very valuable! i’ll try it. thanks !