How can I run or render the scene on the server with babylonjs native and serve the user as output?

Hello, I’ve created a scene which I want to run on server and serve it to the user. User interactions can be done and according to that the rendering is done either partially or fully on the remote server and the remaining or no rendering is done on the user browser. The goal is to server the scene to the user without requiring good hardware as my scene is heavy and good quality.
Can it be done and how can we do this?

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Hmmm, this is a pretty complex scenario and it depends a lot on the purpose and interactions of the scene. Do you have a way of determining which objects respond to user interactions and which ones don’t? Do you have a way of handling the case where the server rendering arrives late because of network? There are a LOT of things to consider in these scenarios.

Thanks for reply. Yeah! the user will be able to interact with an object like a character and will be able to only control that to explorer the areas. If there is any delay, that’s not an issue as nothing is critical.

This medium post I wrote earlier is not exactly what you want, but I think has parts of what you need.

Babylon Native in a Headless Environment | by Babylon.js | Medium

Connecting the server with the client probably requires some custom handshake.