How can i save the data and send the data to the database

i have different maerilas of the models that can be changed and i want to send the data to the data base so how can i do that in babylonjs

I’m sorry, can you explain your issue a little more? It’s not clear what you want to do.

in my projcet and i want to save the selected data and transfer to the data base how can i do that

What do you mean by “selected data”? Do you mean the user’s customization choices? Or do you mean the customized 3D model?

yes and even the text that has been entered and the tag that has been selected and other components like the leather selected or the leather lining or the color that has been selected i want to sen these data to the bata base how will i do that

Let me jump in here. This is really the wrong forum for this. Even if you wanted to store the geometry / materials, you would serialize the scene to text.

It’s once everything is text, that things are out of the scope of this forum. This includes the transmitting to a server, which writes insert statements into I assume you mean a SQL database. This means that you also need more than a static http server. I will not even get into the table design / creation process, nor what good is this in a DB (meaning how are you going to get it back out)?

Something like this is going to take considerable planning & project management, also things which are not really meant to be answered here.


I am sorry for asking this question but i just want to get the hints of how i can pass the data as i am learning this newly and trying to get things.

Hi @Ashish_Abhiwan

I tried to google something that could be helpful for leaners. This is what I found:

Could you check the accepted answer and see if it helps you?

You can choose a different language as your server side language to read/write database to database. If you didn’t know any, you might want to consider nodejs, which is server-side javascript. So you don’t have to deal with different language syntax at client and server side. Here is a end-to-end tutorial for fetching data from mysql database and displaying data on browser.


Thanks for the help and i thik this will help me