How can I set my camera to see all of my objects?

Hello, I have a scene with 5 cubes in an isometric view. The cubes can be positioned anywhere in the scene. I would like the camera to see all 5 cubes at once while avoiding unnecessary zoom out. Here is a screenshot of what I would like to achieve:

Does anyone know how this can be done?

Hi @Jacob.Caron and welcome. is worth a try.

@JohnK Thanks for the welcome! The doc you linked certainly helps a bit, but I am still struggling with getting the camera to both fit everything and maintain an isometric view of the cubes.

Unfortunately this project is going to be used for engineering, so it’ll also need to be in an orthographic view. I put together a quick sandbox of what I’m looking to accomplish: Note that if you disable the orthographic code section, everything seems to work…

Bump. Hoping this is possible. Willing to pay a bounty for a resolution.