How can picked a mesh with precise

how can picked a mesh with precise ?

Sorry @nasimiasl not clear what you need.

Do you mean with a precise parameter as in AbstractMesh - Babylon.js Documentation

hi again
sorry for short explain
we have parameters in intersectsMesh (

that work on ray cast
i need have that in picked event in actionmanager

So here is the actual function used in the scene:

mesh.intersects(ray, fastCheck, trianglePredicate, onlyBoundingInfo);


fastCheck = false;
onlyBoundingInfo = false;

May I ask why you need another setup ? Perf ?

it is not for mouse pick right?

It looks like it is but I might have missed smthg, is it not what you experience ?

i know about raycast but all happen in scene now i wanna have pointer hover and pointer pick on exactly mesh not on mesh bonding box

Which should be the case with action manager ? Could you share a playground where it does not do that ?

action sample hove work on bonding box

make sample in progress

Does pickedPoint from PickingInfo - Babylon.js Documentation give you what you need?

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@nasimiasl if you speak about the intersection enter and exit triggers, you can force more precision through their parameters

thanks guys but i feel that not work with face it detect vertex
i am on it for find why that happen

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try the first menu from down i feel that hovered out of face
the menu mechanism work like this demo
but in here work perfectly

I am not sure it comes from the event as they are really precise:

See on the sphere, they really only work on the geometry not the bounding box.

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Could you simplify your playground with only one menu item with a standard material to see if it can be due to the geometry builder ?

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ok i make it

thanks for wait

It looks like all the begining of your position buffer is corrupted and contain NaN information fixing that would solve the issue.
now that don’t have NaN