Pick with bounding box

I want to know if it’s possible to choose the type of ray on scene mouse Event like scene.onPointerDown.
I need to select mesh by bounding box and actually i create a new ray with scene.pickWithBoundingInfo with mouse coordinate from the event.
But if i can avoid a new ray he can be better.


Can I ask - what do you mean by “type of ray”?

A way to change the initiator who create the pickingInfo in the event to use boundingbox for picking mesh.
And avoid to recreate a new pick.

That’s a great suggestion! Can be a part of the input manager.
Can you create a github issue describing this? You can reference this forum chat.

CC @PolygonalSun

Thanks for the implementation but actually the fastCheck not return element by boundingBox it’s another parameter “onlyBoundingInfo”. On internal ray.

This argument
/** @internal */
rayFunction: (world: Matrix, enableDistantPicking: boolean) => Ray,
predicate?: (mesh: AbstractMesh) => boolean,
fastCheck?: boolean,
onlyBoundingInfo?: boolean,
trianglePredicate?: TrianglePickingPredicate
): PickingInfo;

In my useCase i want to select mesh by bounding box because her geometry aren’t totally plain they have some hole.

It’s possible to also expose this parameter on the input manager ?

Sure, makes sense to expose that as well. @PolygonalSun , any thoughts?

Should actionManager should also benefit from the change? usePreciseIntersection:false or somesuch for existing triggers? It might be breaking tho, unless we add new triggers…