How do I export the reflectivityTexture for BJS in Blender?

Which property in Blender corresponds to the reflectivityTexture in BJS’s PBR? Or which parameter in the PBR workflow is the reflectivityTexture?

The reflectivityTexture in Babylon is used in the specular/glossiness workflow (which you get when neither the metallic, roughness or metallicTexture properties are set on the PBR material), and is also often referred to as specular texture. I don’t know Blender, but you may find the corresponding texture under the name specular.

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In SSR, the roughness/metallic workflow can also use the reflectivityTexture. Is this texture a standard property of glb? Or does it need to be manually uploaded? Currently I can’t find the corresponding property in blender and export it to the reflectivityTexture channel of BJS after importing glb.

It is a typo in the doc (I made a PR), in the metallic/roughness workflow, SSR is using the metallicTexture, not reflectivityTexture, in addition to the metallic property.

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