How do i get rid of these imported materials?

So i’m importing a file, which also has some materials from the exporting software which i don’t wanna have imported into my scene. Yes i can just overwrite them, but the materials are still there (see inspector)

I also can not delete them. I tried several ways to delete them, but they seem do not be part of the scene/meshes. Neither deleting all materials of the scene or deleting all meshes on import cause any difference for the inspector showing the materials…

edit: so the left materials are the sub-materials of some “multi-materials” and it only deletes those and not the childs/parts of the multi materials. How do i get rid of them?
They also can be logged but not disposed?

I’m really losing my mind from where the inspector still gets these materials?

The extra material is the subMaterial in multiMaterial, which requires some extra processing.

See pg line 37

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Oh man, huge thanks.