How do i turn on shadows in the new sandbox?

If i open a .babylon file from maya im not able to turn on shadows in the Sandbox.
Nothing happens if i enable receive shadows.


Hi, @oglu

small insight how shadows work in Babylonjs.
They consist of 3 parts:

  • light that is enabled to cast shadow

  • mesh that can recieve shadows

  • ShadowGenerator that will create shadow texture based on light

First 2 you can edit in inspector bot last one I have used only in code.
It maps light with meshes that need to cast shadow by light.

To ShadowGenerator you need to pass all meshes you would like to cast shadow by that light, there are shortcuts to exclude / include only.

In 3d max its possible to export ShadowGenerator with models so maybe Maya can do same.

But I havent used new inspector much :slight_smile:

Thanks thats great info.
I will do some research on the max exporter.

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