How do I use RotateAround and keep billboardMode working still?

Here’s my example pg:

I want the cube to face the camera always, but also want to do a reverse-driving thing where the world moves around the player.

For more, unnecessary detail, I’ve built a sailing ship for VR, and rather than move the player and ship around, I’m moving ‘wave’ meshes that always face you (think Zelda Wind Waker) and the islands in the ocean in the opposite direction.

I suppose an alternative to this would be making the camera’s parent the ship, right? This would move a virtual reality camera along with the meshes/ground that it is attached to?

Yes indeed! Note also that you have the “follow camera” at your disposal: Cameras - Babylon.js Documentation

Hmm, I don’t know how well a Follow Camera works in WebXR. I actually might not want to use billboard mode at all, since spinning your head makes the wave mesh spin, which is weird. I might just make the waves point either at the boat you’re on, or in the direction they’re traveling (random if 0) and that might have better effect.