How do you pan the scene camera in the editor?

In the local editor, all 3 mouse buttons rotate the camera. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to move the camera using my mouse like I would in most other applications.

What am I missing here?

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What do you call the local editor? Is it

cc @julien-moreau in case this is the right editor.

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Hey @quincy-mobeus in case this is this editor, you can easily attach a script on the camera and use the Babylon.JS api to customize controls.
To attach a script you can follow this documentation: Attaching scripts | Babylon.js Documentation

Do you mean holding shift ?

Yes, I mean the babylon.js editor.

I figured it out though, what I was looking for is called “Arc Rotate Camera” actually.


Very interesting to know that I can also edit the editor camera as a node, however.

Holding shift does not seem to do anything in either mode

The editor doesn’t support the « useCtrlToPan » parameter at the moment. To pan you just have to hold the right click. And the left click to rotate around the target point