How I made my open-world game achive 60fps

Hi all,

Here is 9-minutes game-play: MudGate v0.1 - YouTube

As my game is quite resource demanding, I resolved stuttering issues by separating the web GUI, Babylon framwork, and compute work into different web workers. (I have today main thread + 2 web workers)

All references for Babylon is done within it’s own web worker that communicates with the web GUI. All game models, animations and world-data is generated at real-time in its own web worker.

This way my game can load new world-data or multiple models and animations without loss of any fps for the client browser which makes the user happy.

It’s been some fun months making this game with Babylon :slight_smile:



Woot I love your story here! This is awesome! A great example of offscreen canvas use!

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