How modify height, width and depth of box interactively

hello everyone

I want to know is it possible to change the size of box interactively, and if yes, how can i do it? and i want to show the value of height, width and depth

@Arash_Bagheri Well in the case of a box it’s dead simple because you just create a 1 x 1 x 1 size box then use scaling to adjust the height, width and depth. You could use a scaling gizmo to scale interactively.

But I suspect this is not the answer you’re looking for and that you’re just using a simple box as an example of fully parametric geometry?

If the latter is the case then you’ll need to look at updating the vertices of your mesh.

thank you so much, but the problem is showing the value of size, gizmo just modify the size but i can not give values for height, width and depth.

@Arash_Bagheri how about using …

gizmo.onDragEndObservable.add(()=> {
    console.log("box.scaling = " + box.scaling);

like this?

You would need either an HTML or Babylon GUI interface if you want to expose the above box scaling to end users, but the principle is the same.

thank you so much , its great.