How much draw calls will we have if we render many meshes with the only one material?

Here I found some curios phrase about merging a few clones of meshes into one big mesh:

The SPS places multiple copies of a mesh all together into just one mesh. This means that instead of multiple draw calls there is just one draw call for the single mesh.

I didn’t get it. Why we will have many draw calls if our separated meshes have all the same material? I thought multiple draw calls appears only when we have different materials for different meshes.

Is that technique (as shown in the article above) good for compiling the whole level’s static world objects?

By default you have one draw call per mesh.
If you meshes have the same material they are not combined because they may not have the same index, visibilty etc…

SPS is simply MERGING the geometry of multiple meshes into one giant one.

And to your question: you should measure it but I think you should be happy with the outcome :wink: