How Sandbox Work To Increase FPS?

I have a model who can run 240+FPS in sandbox, but only 25+fps in my project. I remove most of code in my project, FPS only increase to 30+FPS. I use performance to analyse this question, I find the way sand box rendering scene is different from mine.
This is performance of sandbox:

This is performance of mine:

Why they are rendering in different ways.Thanks for any help :sob:

The sandbox does no magic to render so much faster. It is a single model viewer, so this will also influence rendering, especially if you are rendering an entire scene vs. a single model.

It would be great to see thee model that renders so fast on the sandbox but renders much slower in places like the playground. Would you be able to reproduce the behavior?

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I check all my code, I find it is mistake that I put object contains engine into vue’s data, vue proxy all the things in engine. all calculates are slow.