How should I store names?

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Currently, I am working on a project with regard to medical annotations for educational uses. For example, here is a lung.glb file and I want it to have nodes or tags attached to each layer(e.g. airways). How should I do that? I heard that probably I could use 3DsMax or other platforms but my professor told me I could directly store it inside glb or create a JSON file. How should I store those names? Can Babylon.js do it too? I think it will be more precise.

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let me ping our glb master for you @bghgary

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I need to elaborate a bit more, my project is focusing on fidelity hence I will do ray tracing and add textures/colours and add text canvas etc inside Unity(as required). I am wondering if I store tags and names in 3DsMax, will it not be accurate(internal layers exists too)? Since this model is created by python deep learning method from DICOM files by using TensorFlow, so when I converted it into GLTF, there are no explicit nodes or children found.
Sorry for all the irrelevant background info. I have to double-check the precisions :sneezing_face:.

I’m not completely sure what you want to do, but I’ll try to lay out some of the options.

  1. glTF supports names on nodes, meshes, etc. as part of the scene graph. Babylon.js glTF loader will load these names into appropriate Babylon objects. Some if not all of this behavior can be modified with loader extensions.

  2. glTF supports extras (a generic property bag of metadata) which is pretty much available to all objects in the glTF. The Babylon.js glTF loader will load the extras of some of these objects and store them on the corresponding Babylon.js object.

  3. glTF supports custom extensions. Adding a custom extension to store metadata might be overkill, but if the metadata can be standardized across the industry, it might be useful for multiple groups to collaborate on it. Custom Babylon.js glTF loader extension code can be added to support the custom glTF extension.

Does this help?

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