How the walking system work in the "Incremental Loading Example" demo

In the playground code no one lines about keyboard processing. So how it works?

It is using the default FreeCamera behavior which comes with full keyboard support
Cameras | Babylon.js Documentation (

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Ok, thanks, and how collissions are work? It’s also under the hood by… the name of meshes?
UPD: I found the docs how to do this manually — Camera Collisions | Babylon.js Documentation

Thanks for help!
Here you can feel some Saint Petersburg building graffiti vibe — Аквариум. Историческая парадная (44 MB)

Seems that the model needs some optimization.
I have quite a good laptop but was able to load the model only once, all other times I had WebGL error.

Intresting… what is your device tier? detect-gpu

I didn’t have these problems with tier 3 (64 Gb video memory ), they may start from tier 2, where I have only 6 Gb video memory (GeForce RTX 3060).

I made several texture packs for different gpu tiers, you can check it if you still have interest.

Yes, now it loads much faster with no errors

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