How to achieve a 360vr video player

some video vr player are achieved by webgl.
I want to achieve: play my pc camera stream in a vr video player, and the player can respond to my gesture。 There is a vr player demo:krpano 360player ,but it has no way to play a video stream, so I want to know can I encapsulate one player on the basis of babylonjs? If I can, what are the main steps I need?

Hello five nines, We have support for 360 videos using the video dome:

Yes, but I do not know how to play a webrtc stream. . To play the stream, I need set the video element’s srcObject property instead of the src property.

If you can create an HTML video element that supports your stream, you can pass it as the element (instead of the URL) when initializing the video dome. Can you get your stream to work with a standard html video element?

Yes l can get the videoElement like this, then I can pass the videoElement to the video dome?
If so, it is great for me!
Thanks very much!!

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