360 degree Video start immediatly

I am using Babylon for another project, I did like it more than Three.js. no speial reason just found it more easy for my needs.

Now I want to make a web page for my 360degree videos.
I know I can use YouTube.
but I want to add some objects to the scene, for example a speaker which is always visible, never mind in which direction the user is looking. and maybe some other objects.

The problem which I did experience is that Babylon is waiting till the complete video is laoded bevore it starts to playback

Do I miss any option? I did try the exaples from Playground. They have this issue.

For short videos all is fine, but I have much longer videos.

and some user interface ist needed to stop and play…

maybe Babylon is not designed for such application?

then: can I put a YouTube player in the background and a Babylon canvas with transparent background in the front?

Some fragments of answers I found in the forum itself, e.g.

360 Video Dome Video Caching? - Questions - Babylon.js (babylonjs.com)

Issue with 360° videos: 360 Video Player with Youtube Videos - Questions - Babylon.js (babylonjs.com)

You can attach the speaker-object to the camera as a parent element, so it is always visible.

meshSpeaker.position.z = 10;  // play around with the x,y,z position to geth the speaker in the scope of the camera
meshSpeaker.parent = camera;

The video texture in babylon can wrap any video element from a webpage.

I would advise to use a streaming player and create a VideoTexture from the VideoElement of this player it is what we do here: Azure Media Player 360 Video Plugin | Babylon.js Documentation

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