How to achieve something like this?

Hi everyone,

I want to do something like this in Babylon.js. Anyone knows how particles take shape of a mesh?

Thanks for your replies.


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So great but how do you think the blending form a mesh to another is made?

What does ‘blending’ mean here?

  1. Do you literally mean multiple meshes?
  2. Or are you talking about the shape that changes from mesh 1 to mesh 2?

Second point, the effect that fades and blends in into a another mesh

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I think you need to do it yourself, using an update function
Have a look at how to Manage Particles in Real Time


PS : Also, I think you should rename your topic, for example “Morphing a point cloud from a shape to another” … :slight_smile:

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check this PG


Also another way would be to render a mesh in point mode and use blend shapes AKA morph targets on the mesh

this is perfect.

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