Need help with particles

I’m building a water hose, here’s the pg: Babylon.js Playground

The issues I’m having:

  • Particles don’t spread. I tried using the coneEmitter, but it just doesn’t work when the gravity is applied.

  • When I rotate the cone mesh, the whole particle system looks like it’s glued to the mesh. What I want is water to be detached from the system as soon as it leaves the hose. You know, like in real world :slight_smile:

  • Water itself doesn’t look very realistic (but I’m not too bothered about it at this stage).

  • I wish emitters in Babylon behaved more like nodes in a 3d world, e.g. having position, rotation, scale, etc.


This is the case :slight_smile: Your cone emitter is transmitting his own matrix to the particles.

BUT it is not transmitting his shape. To define the emitter shape: Particles - Babylon.js Documentation