How to add AR Loading screen

How to add AR Loading screen, means how to add loading gif image until hit result successful first time

You can use the DOM Overlay feature to add an HTML element on top of the AR session, and do whatever you want theme (loading screen UI, etc’):

You can also use the babylon GUI components for that. it all depends on you and your implementation needs.

i tried to babylonjs GUI, it does not support the Gif …Reagrading DOM overlay is it enabled, it is not working on samsung phone chrome browser

as this is the way AR renders, those are the two options. There is sadly no extra magic we can offer.

@msDestiny14 - does the GUI support animated GIFs?

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I don’t believe we do. :frowning:

But I could be wrong…

Animated Gifs in Babylon maybe reusing this on a plane ???

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Aha! Ya that should do the trick. Also can do videos too that way. Thank you @sebavan :wink:

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