How to add different images to specific individual sides of a box?

I want to know how to texture different sides of a box like in this example where you could change the colors of the 6 sides of a box, except it should be textures. its really simple but I don’t know if its possible in babylonjs but if it. ( this other thing might be a bit hard to understand ) but If its also possible on a sphere and cylinder like if the texture could wrap around the mesh in 6 sides like a cube then please show me thanks

Hello and welcome!

Here is the basic example from the Documentation - .
The image used for the texture:

but is it possible to use seperate image files instead of a UV?

Then you need to create a submesh per face: Multi-Materials | Babylon.js Documentation (

Or use NGE:
Babylon.js Node Geometry Editor (

In that example I set the colors of the face based on the vertex normals but you can as well set a materialID and use it with the texture you want