How to add PonterDragBehavior to ArcRotate camera or scene

I’m using an ArcRotate camera, and I want to add an observer to when the scene is rotated (default ArcRotate behavior). The PointerDragBehavior can be added to a mesh, but it doesn’t appear to do anything when added to a camera, and throws an error if attached to the scene. PointerDragBehavior - Babylon.js Documentation

I’ve thought about adding a “full screen”(idk how to do this) invisible mesh and adding it to that, but that seems hacky, and I’d have to figure out how to pass other mouse events through.

Any ideas?

So you want to know when a camera rotation has ended?

Why not check on pointer up? something like this:

No, I want to know when the scene is rotating, ie dragging.

the definition of dragging would be - pointer down, something in the middle, pointer up. Unless you have something else in mind.

Create a playground, or improve another, show us what you mean, and we will be able to help further

There’s a mesh behavior that is pretty close to what I’m looking for, PointerDragBehavior, except it’s for dragging meshes instead of camera movement. I’m cribbing code from there.

Pointer drag allows moving meshes throughout the scene. a camera is moved using pointer events. It is already implemented.