Stop camera rotation while dragging another mesh

Hi, I would like to stop the camera rotation while dragging.
Which is the best way to do it? I’m looking for a way to position some kind of marker on meshes.
So if an item is selected it should not rotate the view but just move the selected item.
Here the demo:

you could detach the camera with camera.detachControl and then reattach it with camera.attachControl after dragging?

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Yes, that indeed works. But I was wondering if there already where some kind of behavior implementation, like the PointerDragBehavior, already in the library

Not sure if this is something we can do by default in the library as the user may or may not want their camera to continue taking input, depending on what exactly the pointer behavior is. I think we probably want to leave it up to the user. The attach/detachControl method seems sufficiently easy to use. Any thoughts @PolygonalSun?

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