How to add shadow effect to 2D-edges

Hey guys, here is the thing:
I drew a ring menu that looks like this:

The right one is mine, which I want to add some shadow effect to the inner and outer circle edge, just looks like the left ones.

Is there any settings in edgesRender or sth like that to do the job? I dont want another light in my scene.

Here is the playgroud link:

Hi Richardo,

There are several things you could try, but honestly what I think I’d recommend would be to just create another mesh for the shadow weights and put that behind the meshes you have for your menu. This rather absurd demonstration shows the idea using a torus, but you could pretty easily produce a custom “ring” mesh using the same kind of trig logic you’re using for your menu elements, then put a “shadow” material on that mesh. That wouldn’t require any additional lights or special tricks, and you’d have complete control of how your shadow looks. Hope this helps, and best of luck!

Hello just checking in, was your question answered? @Richardo

Hi!Thanks for concern, Its been solved i guess!