How to add simple objects to planets surface

Hello guys

I’m new to this whole 3D Webgl thingy and i have some questions
I’m currently playing arround with this demo project here: Babylon.js - Planet demo
And i want to place a moving space ship with coordinates on that planet how can i accomplish that?

I already have some data to use but i dont know how to begin etc. ->
“ship1”: {
“x”: 2907841.670722,
“y”: -99048538.95104,
“z”: -942307.1750178

Already thanks for the answers! :slight_smile:

I don’t know the “best” way to do this, but I have an idea:
-just keeping repositioning the ship mesh position from earth position (center) to a distance pre calculated:
//here update the ship position after moving
//now move the ship to some local axis… and afetr move, use this code to set ship
//position on some distance from earth
let aux = ship.position.subtract(earth.position);
let distance = 5;//5 units of distance from earth.position
NOTE: this not rotate the ship, so it will with the rotation wrong relatives to the earth. You must update the rotation of ship after repositioning it with the code above.

Code not tested, I’m going to bed.

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thanks for your advice i will try that out and experiment arround with it :+1: