Planet information markers

hi, i have implemented 3d planet on my site,, but in trying to simplify it buy adding info markers around the planet as it spins, but im not sure how to do it, i can add it in but not to the babylonjs part it breaks the script. any pointers would be great…thanks

if you need to look at the site for a better under standing here is a demo login

login: demo
pass: demo1234

I tried to get to the 3d planet but I dont know where to access it in game.

can you just make planes with dynamic text and parent then to the planet?

im not sure how to do that, im not too strong in babylonjs, but the code gets dis played as example {$rankInfo}, and in the game it will populate with infomation

This might need to get moved to the questions section. Done

Umm not to sure what your code represents remember we are going off of only what you tell us, we have no prior knowledge of your project.

ok sorry, so that code is an example of a players score that updates when ever it gets higher, what i wanted to do is use similar code on the planet as it spins and the info is there, like temperature, location etc. im just not sure were to place it…i have done in the babylonjs code able to tell it to change the planet type bast on the player, but again not sure how to do the above mentioned

So its a reactive component or something, at least that data that your talking about?

so this is what i did so the planet type changes when ever a player changes it or gets a new planet

var diffuseTexture = new BABYLON.Texture("{$dpath}planeten/small/s_{$image}.jpg", scene);
var nightTexture = new BABYLON.Texture(“textures/imagess.jpg”, scene);

so to do something similar but with temperature, location etc…hope im not confusing anything

So learn about dynamic texture in the docs. Or do the BABYLON.GUI and have the text blocks attach to a transform node that is parented to the planet in the location you want.

ok thank you