How to build preview release?

I think the Babylon.js repo used to include a preview release of babylon.js, babylon.max.js, ammo.js, ammo.wasm.js, and more in a folder like ./dist/preview release/. I can’t seem to find the preview release in the repo anymore

I’ve forked and cloned the repo, successfully ran npm i. Could someone please help share what steps to take to build the preview release? Thank you!

you can run npm run build:babylonjs to get the latest version of babylon’s UMD package. It will be available in the public/umd/babylonjs directory.
if you want to build the entire UMD version you can run:
npm run build:umd
if you want the same structure as the snapshot shared on github, you can run npm run prepare-snapshot after running the build:umd script . All files will be available in the .snapshot directory


Whoa, this is amazing, thank you so much, @RaananW !

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