Babylon Ammo Repo

Yo @Deltakosh , @RaananW or @sebavan and @Cedric

Right now there are a handful of additions myself and others have made to the current ammo.js builds we are using for BabylonJS

There have been changes in both the emscripten and cmake build systems. For example. Using the new system, here are the current settings used to build the ammo.js and wasm files in the dist/preview files:

cmake -B builds -DCLOSURE=1 -DTOTAL_MEMORY=134217728

Note: this newer build system require async loading of the ammo.js libs

So we dont loose any fixes or updates, i really think we should have a fork of the ammo.js with our babylon fixes.

We can start with a fresh port of kripkens ammo.js then add our fixes and maintain our fork from there…
Right now, everything about btSmooth triangle mesh fixes and updates i have made the past couple years are my own fork and builds of ammo.js. And i just PR the 3 three ammo.js libaries to dist/preview
but the whole source of my (and other folks) changes should be available too.

What do you guys think ???


It would be awesome if we could see the changes to Ammo by Mackey and others in a public repo

I wonder if this repo should be under Mackey’s account, Babylon’s official account, or elsewhere