How to calculate dimensions of the room, distances, surface areas in a model built using *.obj file?

I have built these houses by converting a house built in Revit to and obj format. After which I have used the OBJ importer to build the houses.
Now, I want to show the dimensions of the objects, like the wall, tables etc. I also want to calculate the distance of the door from a corner and find surface areas to calculate accurate pricing for flooring etc.

Is it possible to do so?

Here is a link to my work(it could take some time to load, please bear with it, it’s a dev server)

Also, I have shared an example of my obj file on this link here.

Hello and welcome!
Yes this is possible. Every mesh has a position vertex buffer that you can read by calling:

var data = mesh.getVerticesData(BABYLON.VertexBuffer.PositionKind);

data will be an array of float (3 per position: x, y, z). From there you can virtually do whatever you want as long as you can manage to find the vertex you want.

For instance the distance between a door and a corner will be easy as long as you have two vertices.

Other option but less precise is to rely on mesh.position (which will give you the central position of the mesh)

With two vector3, getting a distance is as simple as: BABYLON.Vector3.Distance(a, b)