How to call all the hierarchy of a mesh in order to hide it

Hello again guys :stuck_out_tongue:

so u find here my station (quasi-completed) made by blender:

now I want to do some changes in my stairs (they are inside you can not see them), so I want to “hide” all levels of my station and keep only the stairs, I tried : var level3=scene.getMeshByName(“SketchUp.002”) and then level3.isVisible= false; but here level3 is a node parent (so I should get all the meshes of my level and then hide ).
this is a blender screenshot :

I have a lot of subMeshes :frowning: is there a way to call them directly.

Help please


I’m not able to load your playground (some errors on console), but I think you should use setEnabled(false) instead of isEnabled (which just send you a value, and doesn’t allow to modify it if I’m not wrong) :

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