Question about hiding components

I’ve created a simple gltf file which contains around 1000 scene nodes with each node instancing about 50 meshes - it’s the same 50 meshes for each node with a different matrix applied. This is loaded with a single LoadMeshAsync and renders fine in Bablyon.

Now I really only want one of those 50 meshes to be visible for each node at any one time - the particular mesh visible will vary by node and by user input. How can I achieve this in Babylon? I was thinking I could just use setEnable on the unwanted meshes on each node after loading my gltf but it looks like that only operates at the level of a Babylon mesh not a gltf mesh. The number of combinations is too large to allow a different mesh to be loaded for each one.

Is it possible to edit the root scene directly in javascript. I see many components in the scene object have a isVisible or isEnabled property but so far I’ve had no success with that approach. This seems like a fairly common place thing to do in configurator applications so surely there is a straightforward solution?

Thanks Des

It acts on a gltf mesh in this PG

Could you produce a simplified version of your project in a playground, one node with a couple of meshes perhaps.

You might find this useful

Thanks a lot

In the way of these things, the process of preparing some sample code exposed the (trivial) mistake I was making.

Everything works perfectly now. Just find the parent node in the scene, getChildMeshes() and then setEnabled on the children as appropriate.

Many thanks to all for the help.