How to change .babylon file to TypeScript Code

Hello Dear Community!

I have mesh saved in the .babylon file, and I’m using ImportMeshAsync. Because of some business limitations, I cannot make any XHR requests from my code.

What would be the best way to transform .babylon file to TypeScript code?.

Maybe relying on base64 or blob urls ?

Hello Dear Community!

Unfortunately, I didn’t figure out how to parse the .babylon file without making an XHR call. Do you have any other ideas?

I found a way!

I took a look a little bit in the source code, and the second argument of ImportSceneAsync can stand as URL to Babylon file or stringified JSON with precedent “data:” prefix.

Here is an example:

  SceneLoader.ImportMeshAsync(null, `data: ${CUSTOM_HEMISPHERE_JSON}`).then((result) => {
    this.createSphere(result.meshes[0] as Mesh);
  }).catch(() => {
    this.options.format = Format.Hemisphere;