How to change DOM node Camera receives events from?

Hi everyone,

Please see here: Babylon.js Playground

Use arrow keys. Camera moves around. Now click button. Key presses have no effect anymore.

Technically, it should be fixable by attaching the event listener to the document; see e.g. here Edit fiddle - JSFiddle - Code Playground

I tried to do that but it seems providing a custom DOM node to Camera.attachControls is deprecated.

From there I lost it. I might have chased it down to engine.getInputElement. But this cannot be changed. There is also a couple of attachControls, attachElement, attachInput functions in various Camera classes but none of them will take an actual DOM node as input parameter. :thinking:

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You can always refocus the canvas after the click is done.

Thanks @Pryme8 But is there no way to tell Babylon to use another node?

Because imagine there are way more buttons (coming from a framework like Vue). Then you will have these .focus() calls all over the place. Right?

Oh, unless. Ok, this would work But still, this is hacky.

No wait this does not work either! What if an element does need focus?

Two alternatives

A (override attachControl)

B (same as A but with proxy)