How to change gltf models' material (without MATERIAL PLUGIN MANAGER and imgs)

I want to change the color of the gltf models like this link:
GUI Editor Video Demo | Babylon.js Playground (
But I find this is not possible with this method, the other method I find is use MATERIAL PLUGIN like this example :smiley: Material plugin example with uniforms | Babylon.js Playground (
I think it is not as friendly as the previous method. I can export different picture textures to achieve a similar effect of changing clothes, but In this case it is not a good idea: low operational efficiency and consume more resources.
So I want to know how I can change gltf models’ material like babylon models

You can simply retrieve the material of a mesh (yourmesh.material) and update the albedoColor (if it’s a PBR material) or diffuseColor (if it’s a standard material) property.

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Thanks for your answer, I will try it :grinning: