How to clone rigging facial expression and mouth expression?

Hello everyone,
I want to clone all the animation, including facial expressions. But Im unable to clone mouth expression.

here is the playground i have created

Left avatar has facial expression that i want to clone into right avatar.

Maybe @PatrickRyan knows how to do it

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I don’t think you will be able to do it, because the facial expression is made with morph targets assigned to the head mesh of the first avatar, but your 2nd avatar is made of a single mesh, there’s no separate mesh for the head. So you won’t be able to copy the morph targets from avatar 1 to avatar 2.


@Nilesh_Ghanchi, I totally agree with @Evgeni_Popov above in saying that you don’t have parity in the morph targets on your meshes, but let me break it down a little further.

It appears you are using Ready Player Me assets for both characters based on the mesh naming and some of the styling of the mesh. The character in the white top looks to have the full suite of 60 morph targets while the character in red has only two morph targets on it, mouthOpen and mouthSmile. It appears that the character in red that you have was a modification of the full Ready Player Me asset that had all meshes combined and most of the morph targets removed. To be able to retarget the morph animations from the original character, you will need to have a second character with the exact same setup as the first in terms of morph targets.

You could totally target animations to the reduced morph target set manually, but you won’t get the same results as the original character. For example, you could take the animation targeting mouthOpen in the original and clone that animation before targeting the mouthOpen morph target in the new character.


To that end, however, you could take any morph target animation for any of the visemes or expressions and target any other morph target in the new character. For example, the new character could smile anytime the original character uses viseme_SS.

In this case to duplicate your animations across several characters, you need to be sure that the hierarchy - both skeletal and morph target - are identical or your pathed animations won’t work.


Thank you for explanation. :smiley:

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