How to Cloud rendering with Babylon.js?

In 2020 year 5G will come and so many games or other will cloud rendering,such as HUAWEI’s cloudXR or NVIDIA’s cloudXR.Can Babylon.js do this in the feture?Maybe you can give me a plan to resolve this

You could probably do it with WebRTC and a GPU instance on the cloud.

On a GPU instance on the cloud as long as you can run a browser it should be enough to pipe the rendered result through a WebRTC connection you could consume from the clients.

We do have one article about it:

This demo is screenshot a picture,i can’t find another api as record video stream,i think Puppeteer is not applicable for 3D/VR.

How to upload user’s operation with this solution?Because 3D/VR project is not only watch video

Could be through a data channel of the web rtc com ? Else maybe websocket ?