How to combine two models together? I want another model to appear when the treasure chest is opened

I want another model to appear when the treasure chest is opened
other model


will add or remove a mesh from the render list on true or false

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I used the method you said, but the second model did not come out :joy: Can you help me find out what went wrong. And I want to monitor the animation execution to a certain frame and do something, what should I do?



Hey several issues that I fixed:

  • it is setEnabled(true) and not setEnabled = true
  • you reused newMeshes1 (both in the callback and as a new entity)

Here is the fix: prova | Babylon.js Playground (

This is a beautiful scene btw


I think the model inside is already inside when the box is about to be opened. How can I monitor the animation of the box to the frame when the box is opened?

For example, the animation is executed to the 50th frame,how to listen?

For example, when the animation of the first model is executed to 10 frames, the animation of another model will be executed.

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i thought one Solution then animation finish callback function (=onAnimationGroupEndObservable)
one animation(full 60 frame) split into 50 and 10 frames and
50 frame animation finish callback function and play next 10 frame animation and other function at the same time
i checked animationGroup but frame control not possible , just find " goToFrame(number)"
also find by set animation play value first and end therefore you want to tracking the frame is not the best way to find special cases

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OK,thank you , Let me think