How to contribute to this website's code base?

How to contribute to this website’s code base?

You can take a look here GitHub - BabylonJS/Website: Main babylon.js website, readme have some informations.

If something is missing and/or not clear in this readme, tell us.

Also Start Contributing to Babylon.js - Babylon.js Documentation

This doc page is about Babylon.js itself, not the website isn’t it?

Not 100% clear what he means by this site - could be a reference to the forum’s site. I just took this to mean Babylon.js as that is the title at the top.

@fselcukcan would you please clarify which site you meant?

Yep, 'cause we can also notice that the documentation is on another repo :nerd_face: Improve Documentation - Babylon.js Documentation

I meant this forum website.

I don’t think the BJS forum’s code is open source and I think it is a question for @Deltakosh

Actually the forum core code is open source, it’s using Discourse: GitHub - discourse/discourse: A platform for community discussion. Free, open, simple.

Deltakosh will tell us more but I suppose only he has access to FTP and forum instance.

This forum is hosted directly by discourse, I pay for it so we have a great, always up to date forum

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