I thought This was a coding site?

Im new here and I don’t really understand what is going on? Please don’t take this post off for no reason at all i just want to know how to code.

Hi and welcome.

What confuses you? What are you looking for?

This is a forum for Babylon.js where you ask questions, find solutions, share projects, and connect with other developers and artists. So, it’s not a coding site, it’s a forum.

However, you can see a lot of code on this forum, as Babylon dev team gave as many gifts, including
where you can actually code and easily share that code with others on the forum, so we can help you out, or praise you for your insane coding skills.

I moved your topic to “off topic” category :slight_smile:
This forum is the BabylonJs forum, only coding questions related to using the babylonjs framework/engine is on topic.

For general coding questions i suggest sites like stackoverflow.
For learning javascript, i suggest trying to find resources and teaching sites via google.

what does a program need?

what does a program do?
work with data

how does it do that?
it compares two data
it makes decisions

that’s all.

the implementation is only a question of linguistic syntax.
here you can find all information how to program in javascript:


You Guys are somewhat ‘harsh’ on this one :stuck_out_tongue: This is not a way to welcome newcomers :wink: :wink:
On the other hand, @SeaDog, FYI: “May be the title of the post and your first content to the contributors of this forum aren’t the best to obtain the information (and/or help) you are looking for…” .

It’s good that you are interested in coding and people here will like that. But despite from being mostly ENGs on this technical forum for 3D real-time on the Internet using the WebGL technology and the Babylon.js (BJS) framework, all of us here are also humans and mostly willing to contribute (for free) people. So apart from developing your coding skills, may be the best advise I could give you is to also work a little on your ‘communication skills’:wink:

With that said, I don’t think you can really experience coding ‘just like that’. Things like ‘I’d like to ride a boat’ or ‘jump with a parachute’. Coding is more of a hobby (or a biz) comparable to things like ‘aeronautics’. Understand, it is a costly thing in terms of time and ‘resources’. Most people code with ‘passion’ because without this passion, they would likely give up at some point (like every reasonable human should do;).

Now, here a couple more thoughts for you just quickly and mostly from my own experience:

  1. You’d best to start with code with either a project (or at least an objective)
  2. I wouldn’t recommend sites like ‘stackoverflow’ if you know nothing about (any) code. You wouldn’t be able to make a difference between ‘the stack’ and the growing ‘overflow’.
  3. There are some good ‘games/apps’ out there to learn and improve coding skills in a wide variety of languages. They are mostly like riddles (or puddles) and some are really quite fun and engaging. If you are the ‘gaming’ type, you might become hooked on one of these;)
  4. With your message, we know nothing about your background so I’m just going to add this: Starting coding with a real-time 3D engine would at least require to first know either coding or 3D. Else, it would be something like wanting to become an astronaut without having experienced your first flight.

GL with your decision and your learning and for you and for all, note that the ‘off-topic’ category of the BJS forum is not the ‘garbage’ or ‘abandoned’ part. Not at all. It’s actually one of my favorite category and it’s also among the ones that drive the BJS culture and helps build its tenants for the future.


@Wingnut would be proud.


Khan Academy is pretty good for learning how to code:

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This is so true.