How to create a 3D button with an icon?

Hey guys, I’m imitating this example to create a 3D button. I want a 3D button with an icon in the middle that is always facing the camera. Here is my PG.

I tried to add an icon to the button and referred to this forum.
Now I have two problems:

  1. The icon flashes when rotating the scene, sometimes can be incomplete.
  2. When I observe from above, the button disappears.

So what can I do to fix it? Thanks for your watching!

Glancing over this quickly, don’t we want to create a texture for the button mesh? not a plane and then parent it? Someone might beat me before I get more into this, but I’ll take a looky.

Yes, what you said is exactly what I wanted, but I don’t know how to do it :cry:

You can use the merging meshes tool, line 37:

The icon was flashing due to both meshes overlapping, check line 33 :wink:


Thank you so much!! :grinning: