How to Create a Checkers Piece?


I am creating a checkers game. I am trying to create the checkers pieces within Babylon, and I’ve run into some issues. I’m fairly new to the framework, so if this is an obvious question, I apologize!

My attempts so far have to create a disc, however, I want to have an elevated section on the edges, like this. I have considered using a heightmap to get the ridges on the edge of the piece, as well as the raised ring. I’ve also considered merging a few meshses into one. Which would be the best approach?

Thanks in advance for the help!

It depends on your requirements for the quality of the model.
All roads lead to Rome.

Notes: Not suitable for materials with textures.

Using Frame Maker


Personally, I’d be more inclined to build them in Blender or other DCC software.

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Hello @QuintonPrice just checking in, was your question answered?