How to create Exploded view with annotations

Hi, I want to create “exploded view” of objets like CAR : wheel, doors, windows, etc. Also I need to insert annotations in each part and click in it to show more info o link to other things.

I can’t found information about it. Could any help me?


Hi @Gaston_Portal,

Recently I stumbled upon the MeshExploder at Use MeshExploder - Babylon.js Documentation which may be useful.

The ‘official’ GUI demo has a worked out mesh annotation code you might want to use in combination with above: Babylon.js - GUI demo taken from Use the Babylon GUI - Babylon.js Documentation

And for picking (selecting meshes) theres also a demo in Babylon.js Documentation with the explanation found on Picking Collisions - Babylon.js Documentation

Once picked you can decide to highlight the clicked mesh Highlight a Mesh - Babylon.js Documentation

Probably when you combine all 4 you’ll have the code you are looking for. Good luck! :slight_smile:



@Gaston_Portal - Welcome to the Babylon Community!

Excelent. Thanks