How to create grounds shapes

i’m currently try to make a pool game
using havok physics engine
for table physics body i tried multiple methods
with PhysicsShapeMesh or create all table combine with box and sphere shape
but that was not good enough
i think most of my problem is how to shape are stick together

this play ground i use same ball same physics material and almost same position but only different is :

  • left side ground is combine of 1 x 1 square
  • right side ground is 1 x length

as you see balls position in the end are different is there any way to fix this problem or at least reduce it
“please active physics debugger to understand the problem”

cc @Cedric

Hi @morteza_norabadi
Viewed from this angle, it looks like the ground is not placed correctly and there is a collision. The ball then goes backward.
There should be no difference in behavior once that issue is fixed.