How to cross the valley of terror

忽然之间好像明白了,真的模型和鬼娃娃之间的那种感觉,我想知道babylon怎么跨越恐怖谷? in there)

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Suddenly it seems to understand, the feeling between the real model and the ghost doll, I want to know how babylon crosses the valley of terror?

enigmatic 神秘的

I think that is Cantonese.

All of a sudden it seems like, the real between model and the doll's feeling, I wonder how babylon crossed the valley of terror?

花時間學習 glsl, 了解 “沙德” 嘅工作。
我哋都具有具有地下散射的基於物理嘅材料, 可以幫助產生皮膚效果。
之後, 佢係所有照明, 紋理同之後效果。

模型嘅第二个圖像是由甚麼程序拍攝嘅? 你可以使用它作為基線, 甚至查看其呈現過程的某些文檔是否為公共文檔。

What I said in English:

Lots of hard work and small touches.
Invest time in learning about GLSL and understanding the workings of a “shader”.
We also have Physically Based Materials with sub surface scattering that can help with skin effects.
After that it’s all lighting, textures and post effects.

What program is the second image of the model taken from? You could use that as your baseline and even see if some of the documents for its rendering process is public.

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The second picture is from UE4,I just want to know how to make the most real skin of Babylon? At present, I am using Babylon, but I haven’t found a good way to solve this problem for at least half a month

They have way newer generation rendering techniques, wait till webGPU and we might have the ability to pull this off easier.

@xiaohuangyu we do not have a specific skin or hair shader at the moment which is a requirement for such kind of rendering.

We ll probably have some enhancement of sub surface in 4.2 but it would be more on the long term target.

At the moment, you nevertheless should be able to use custom skin shaders with the shader Materials ?

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