How to custom a camera?

Hello folks!
I am new to babylon and I’m trying to use babylon to display a city map. And I tried most of the cameras , but I still not find out the perfect one.
I notice that there has a wonderful project in here. The author saids he used babylon too. However, I didn’t find a camera like that one in babylon. Maybe he custom a camera by his own.
So I want to know how to implement a camera like that?

Hello and welcome!

The camera which is using at 3D - een verkeersvisualisatie van Brouwer in Beeld is just usual Babylon Freecamera with some customization. So, the simplest way to implement a camera like in your example is to have a look at js file - and to try to repeat it’s settings for your scene.

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Thank you! You reminded me to check his code. I fond out the reason why his camera different from mine is because he didn’it attach his camera to canvas. But he binded some mouse/pointer event to the canvas. When start draging, he change camera.position.x and camera.position.z.

Anyway, thank you! :grinning:

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