How to deal with a big amount of animations?

If a project has some not to say a huge amount of animations but it starts to get freezes and fps drops very soon.
I understand that it’s all about CPU power. And it terms of web browser it’s more about a single-threaded system which is a very dissapointed fact :smiley:

So what we can do with that? Maybe BJS has already some solutions on that? Making a bone calculations on the GPU side or using multi-threaded features through the WASM?

What are your thoughts, guys? How do you solve this?

Unfortunately, there is no good solution for this one, given that the calculations are done on the CPU (it would be very difficult to move the animation system to the GPU) and the single-threaded nature of Javascript, as you said.

However, we support baked texture animations to relieve the CPU of some calculations related to the animations, if it can be applied to your use case.