How to disable default point and focus to telport in gaze mode, and how to customize deafult gaze pointer size?

Hi team I am trying to disable default point and focus to select or teleport in the glb mode. I implemented custom logic to teleport when gaze is targeting to the floor mesh and tapping the screen(anywhere)Its considering that gaze pointer as the teleport point(able to do the same). Selection of mesh and selection of GUI still I am checking. Because I have added the custom one I want to disable the existing gaze stay point and focus behaviour . How can I disable the same.

And also I want increase the size of that default gaze pointer because its very small .how to customized that?

I am going with the screen tap approch because most of the VR available India are having a button(nothing just a mechanical arrangement for touching the screen at time of button press.)

See the default pointer is not properly visible.

We are using JioDive -

Sorry, I am not sure what you are trying to disable…

Are you using the default feature, or are you using a customized feature that is added to the feature manager?

I want to disable point and focus for selection. Instead of that I am providing point and tap on the screen.

By default it is enabling the stare and focus feature when I am using createDefaultXRExperienceAsync

you can disable the pointer feature, or manipulate the meshes that are generated if you don’t disable them. You can also take the feature and implement your own version with all changes needed. As you are combining a few paradigms that the feature doesn’t entirely support it will be hard to get it to work as you expect without custom code.