How to display coordinate frames of all meshes at once

I have a bunch of meshes rendered and they all have different rotations. I would like to display each mesh’s local coordinate frame, all at the same time. Is this possible? All the while keeping in mind that the meshes also have parent/child relationships

I don’t understand what you mean about “frame”. Isn’t it just the bounding box you’re talking about?

For local frame of reference using Gizmos

Lines 19 to 21 to stop drag behavior of Gizmos Use Gizmos (eg. Drag arrow, Bounding box) - Babylon.js Documentation


Oh sorry I meant the frame as in the x y z axis coordinate frame

Thanks so much! That worked very well

As a follow up: is there a way to make the gizmos stay at a fixed size? I can only set the positionGizmo.scaleRatio, but I don’t want my gizmos to change size when I zoom in/out of the scene


@trevordev might be able to help with the Gizmos

An alternative would be to use the function from lines 71 to 99 (called on line 20) in this PG You can then use the size parameter to control the length of the axes.

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I will make a PR to expose an updateScale on gizmos which can be set to false to disable the non-fixed size. Once that PR is merged this playground should work.